How Hard Or Easy it is to Build a Solar Panel at Home?

Well, let us assume that you are frustrated by the rising electricity bills and the power outages. On the other hand, you are also enthused by the recent articles that you can live off the grid by producing your own solar energy for as little as $200 at home for which you have prepared yourself after some deliberation. So, now the big question that arises is, do you feel urged to build solar panels imagining it to be a cakewalk? If yes, wait a minute, it is most likely that you have read high pitched sales letters written with the sole purpose of urging you to buy a manual or a DIY kit. Home solar panels in Illinois

As such there is nothing wrong with buying them but there are a few pertinent questions and your answers to which will determine whether you will succeed to build solar panels and produce sufficient electricity to run your appliances. The first thing to understand is “no amount of written text can substitute personal coaching even if there are illustrations”. Remember, this is a technical project that does require certain amount of technical inclination of mind if not a technical background or education. If you are stuck in the middle of your project, god forbid, you will probably remain stuck there forever. Okay, let me ask a straight question, how many of you have used a soldering gun or how many of you understand jargons like “Cascaded Series-Parallel Connection”? See? Illustrations and photographs aren’t going to help to maneuver you way out and in all likelihood you are going to drop the project cursing your fate. The clich√© that a picture speaks a thousand words doesn’t hold well in all cases, right?

Ask Yourself A Few Questions

Look, building solar panels is not rocket science but there are a few critical issues that you want to make sure before setting out to build your own solar panels. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Am I confident of using the essential tools and how can I now learn the basic skills of using the tools?
  2. Where will I get the necessary tools and supplies?
  3. What do I do with the used materials in case I am forced to drop the project midway?
  4. How much electricity can I actually produce with a $200-250 expense? Will it suffice to live off the grid as the sales latters claim?
  5. How can I connect the solar panels I built with my home electric supply? Can I get a rebate from my electric supply company for using my self-produced electricity?
  6. Is it possible to store energy so that I can run electrical installations when the power goes off?
  7. Do I get local help in case I am stuck up and no seller help coming through?

Look, I don’t intend to put you off but you will appreciate that those are very pertinent questions you need to answer if you want to save your project you so passionately have been thinking of taking up. If you answered them with sincerity, it builds the most essential confidence to get ahead with your solar panel project.