Notre Dame Football Schedule

Are you a frenzied Notre Dame Fan? If therefore, then you would like to require a peek at the schedule below and also the predictions that I actually have place along for the Notre Dame soccer Schedule.

San Diego State University – They won this game although they vie three quarters of not therefore sensible soccer.

Michigan – They won this game furthermore and looked excellent doing it. Charlie Weis was black-and-blue, however I doubt you may see him sitting within the box anytime before long.

Michigan State – this can be the vexatious team that likes to present Notre Dame fits even after they square measure a powerhouse. they’re going to win this game, however it’ll be a troublesome one.

Purdue – this can be a group action on behalf of me particularly as a result of my sister and brother in law graduated from Purdue. they’re higher this year than last and can offer hassle, however this can be another win.

Stanford – This one may be a pretty simple win. Stanford isn’t nearly as good as they need been before and Notre Dame has an excessive amount of for them reception.

North geographic region – they need gotten higher, however not adequate nevertheless. they’re going to win huge and be hierarchical within the high fifteen when this game.

Washington – you’ve got to expect Willingham to actually wish this one, however Weis is just too sensible of a lecturer to permit him to induce it. this can be an enormous win by a minimum of a pair of touchdowns.

Pittsburgh – this can be a game and it’ll be a really exciting shut game. Notre Dame sometimes struggles slightly with Pitt and that they look pretty sensible this year. ND wins within the fourth quarter by a touchdown.

Boston school – can|this may|this can} be a troublesome away game and capital of Massachusetts school likes to beat unconquered groups by a field goal in order that they will lose by a field goal to before Christ.

Navy – we tend to owe them and when a loss to before Christ we are going to exit and wipe the ground with Navy. The score are going to be forty two to thirteen ND.

Syracuse – this can be a decent heat up for USC. ND ought to win this game pretty simply and score concerning fifty points in doing therefore.

USC – the most important game of the year as a result of each groups can have one loss and be hierarchical within the high ten. Notre Dame owes them and Clausen goes to throw for four Touchdowns against USC. This one may be a shut one, however Notre Dame wins by a field goal.

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